Sunday, June 27, 2010

The LOST Episode

Episode 14: Michael Giacchino - Cue the Music returns with music from the Academy Award winning composer of Up, Michael Giacchino. In this episode Ralph will attempt to retrace his steps through the playlist from the LOST Live Event at Royce Hall on May 13th, 2010.


The U-Boat - Medal of Honor
LOST Main Theme/The Eyeland - Season 1
Hollywood and Vines - Season 1
Landing Party - Season 4
Sawyer Jones and the Temple of Boom - Season 5
Life and Death - Season 1
The Tangled Web - Season 5
Crocodile Locke - Season 1
Parting Worlds - Season 1
Married Life - Up
Hurley's Helping Hand - Season 3
Jack FM - Season 3

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The LOST Episode


Ralph- said...

It is great to be back. I cannot wait until the next episode. It will be fun for me, because i am a huge nerd, but it will be great for you, because it will feature amazing music!!

Kunal said...

I too LOVE scores of movies and tv shows. I appreciate what you're doing with this podcast. Keep up the good work.

I thought LOST had an incredible score from start to finish. But I also dug Mr.Giacchino's work in the Medal of Honor series and in the new Star Trek. I haven't seen "UP" yet unfortunately.

My top 3 current music composers are:-

Howard Shore
Michael Giacchino
John Williams

In no particular order. What about you Ralph and anyone else wanna post their top 3 please?

Ralph- said...

Hey Kunal,

I am glad that you like the show. My top 3 favorite composers are:

Danny Elfman
James Newton Howard
Bernard Herrman

I too like Howard Shore, i really like his music to Ed Wood as well of the Lord of the Rings movies.

If you want to see my Top 10 favorite composers you can check them out here....

Kunal said...

Thanks Ralph. Ahh I loved J.N.Howard's score for The Village! It was so melodious and hauntingly beautiful. I love falling asleep to those cello and violin pieces lol.

Ralph- said...

James Newton Howard is definitely soothing, but he throws in some terror into the mix every now and then. It is hard to sleep to the village when it gets to the loud parts.

Kunal said...

Good point there lol.