Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tripper, Winger & Venkman

Episode 11: Elmer Bernstein - Ralph pulls out two incredibly rare score for you to check out. Elmer Bernstein has done some of the greatest comedy scores of all time, including Blues Brothers, Airplane! and Animal House. On today's episode Ralph discusses three collaborations with Ivan Reitman and Bill Murray! Sit back and enjoy the latest episode of Cue The Music!

Depression- Stripes
Stripes March- Stripes
Olympiad- Meatballs
Rudy and Tripper- Meatballs
Rudy Wins the Race - Meatballs
Hair Cut - Stripes
V-J-R - Stripes
Library & Title- Ghostbusters
Walk- Ghostbusters
Get Her!- Ghostbusters
We Got One! - Ghostbusters
Halls - Ghostbusters
Client - Ghostbusters
I Respect You - Ghostbusters
Ghosts! - Ghostbusters
Good Friend - Mary MacGregor

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Tripper, Winger & Venkman