Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Darker Side

Episode 10: Danny Elfman Part 2 - On this episode of Cue The Music, Ralph discusses the music of Danny Elfman from 1989-1991. This is the sound that defined Danny Elfman's style. Even though he went on to do very diverse scores, nobody will forget what Elfman did in '89/'90!

Travel Music - Beetlejuice
Descent into Mystery - Batman
Flowers - Batman
Clown Attack - Batman
Rage/Peppy Science - Darkman
Love Themes - Darkman
Main Titles - Nightbreed
Carnival Underground - Nightbreed
Into Midian - Nightbreed
Crime Spree - Dick Tracy
Breathless' Theme - Dick Tracy
Tess' Theme - Dick Tracy
The Story Unfolds - Dick Tracy
Storytime - Edward Scissorhands

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The Darker Side