Friday, October 31, 2008

Book of the Dead

Episode 13: Joseph LoDuca - On this episode of CTM Ralph plays you through the Evil Dead Trilogy, From the eerie strings of the Evil Dead 1 to the large orchestral arrangements of Army of Darkness. Follow Ash through his battle across time, to defeat the Deadites! Happy Halloween!

Automatic Writing - The Evil Dead
Prologue - Army of Darkness
Eye Games/ Charm - The Evil Dead
Rape of the Vines - The Evil Dead
Give her the Axe - The Evil Dead
Kandarian Dagger - The Evil Dead
Behemoth - Evil Dead II
Ash's Dream/Dancing Game - Evil Dead II
Hush Little Baby/Pee Wee Head - Evil Dead II
Hail to the King/End Titles - Evil Dead II
Building the Deathcoaster - Army of Darkness
March of the Dead - Danny Elfman
End Titles - Army of Darkness

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Book of the Dead

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