Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bugs, Bots and Barbarians

Episode 9: Basil Poledouris - Even though he may not be a house hold name, Basil Poledouris is nothing short of genius. His powerful themes and romantic strings show that he was one of the greatest film composers of the last thirty years.

Prologue/Anvil of Crom - Conan the Barbarian
The Wifeing/Love Theme - Conan the Barbarian
Rock Shop - Robocop
Home - Robocop
Klendathu Drop - Starship Troopers
Tango Urilla - Starship Troopers
Lester - Cherry 2000

click below to listen:
Bugs, Bots and Barbarians


Chris JC said...


To this day I still can't work out if the opening chords from Rock Shop are audible in the film, as they coincide exactly with Robo bashing on the door.

iggystar said...


I'm familiar with BP's work, from Starship Troopers, Cherry 2000 and Robocop, but never knew his name or put his works together.

Very informative show.

Ralph- said...

i think that they do Coincide. I like the Electronic sound that the door makes as Robo knocks down the door!

I LOVE poledouris' score to The Jungle Book!!! wish it was available on iTunes

Chris JC said...


RoboCop: Come quietly, or there will be.... trouble.

Steve Minh: Ahhhh... FUCK YOOOU!

Ralph- said...

i am putting that movie on my ipod!

Chris JC said...

"I'm not arresting you any more."

Ralph- said...

this week i am going to do something a bit different. I will be playing clips from ONE ALBUM. i know i know, you guys want a little variety, WELL, it just so happens that this ONE ALBUM has Two Scores on it.

Anyone want to take a stab at what the Album might be?

Chris JC said...

Is John Barry involved?

Ralph- said...

it is someone that i haven't covered yet.

Chris JC said...

RIP Leonard Rosenman

I'm glad I was well into my re-appraisal of his score for RoboCop 2. Still utterly wrong for that film, but still very good music.

He brought avant-garde sensibilities to modern film music, helping to make it what it is today. No Rosenman - none of Giacchino's atonal stabs and glissandos for LOST.

I must remember to send you his take on Lord of the Rings. You've never heard brass sound quite so massive.

Chris JC said...

Blimey - an official (16 cues) version of Cherry 2000's score has shown up on iTunes. MGM seem to have re-released it in June this year.