Friday, September 7, 2007

Action Extravaganza

Episode 5: David Arnold - With his breakout score to 1994's Stargate, David Arnold proved that he could play with the big boys. Probably best known for scoring the last four James Bond Scores, David Arnold shows that he can do a lot more than just the spy genre. On this episode of Cue the Music, Ralph discusses four epic scores from David Arnold.
Overture - Wing Commander
Daniel's Mastadge - Stargate
Mastadge Drag - Stargate
Main Title - The Musketeer
Fight Inn - The Musketeer
The President's Speech - Independence Day
Base Attack - Independence Day
The Wilderness - The Last of the Dogmen

click below to listen:
Action Extravaganza


Johnny Ghostwatch said...

David Arnold is a strange one - basically a golden era Hollywood theme composer in a time when everything else is a techno score or big orchestral glissandos (up on violins, down on brass) - often heard in Giacchino's LOST work.

Ralph- said...

his scores to Four Brothers, Shaft, Fast and Furious 2 and the 007 Scores have a lot of electronics in them, but you can still hear that big orchestra backing them up.

I cant wait to get into Arnold's James Bond stuff. I especially loved his work from Casino Royale, which i feel is his best score since Shaft.