Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cue The Music

Episode 1 - Welcome to the first episode of the Cue The Music Podcast. In this episode, you will get a chance to learn more about me and where my love for Film Music began. Thanks for listening to the show. The only direction to take it, is UP!

Desert Chase [raiders of the lost ark] - John Williams
Back to the Future Overture [back to the future] - Alan Silvestri
Main Titles [beetlejuice] - Danny Elfman
End Credits [beetlejuice] - Danny Elfman
Main Theme [adventures of the great mouse detective] - Henry Mancini

click below to listen:
Cue The Music


Colleen said...

First to comment, sweeeet!

PalmerEldritch said...

argh! beat by a girl.

ralph, i'm really looking forward to downloading the podcast when i get home. then, i imagine, i'll listen to it.

i've found myself paying a LOT more attention to the music in films and on TV thanks to you and jimmy. thanks, ralph.


MB said...

YEAH MAN! I'm psyched - this is awesome. Nice first episode - ease us into it with stuff we grew up with . looking forward to this.

P.S. you gonna say something over at scott and steve blog? B/C I was just about to pimp it but thought I'd better see if you're waiting for any reason.

Ralph- said...

MB, this is a real personal project for me. I am not looking for huge hordes of fans. I am just keeping it on the down-low for now. I am not sure what i have yet, so i will give it a few more weeks to see if it continues.

kramertron said...

Awesome job on the first episode, and great choice from Mancini to close it out.

Ralph- said...

I need to get more Mancini for my iTunes library. His themes are so catchy and fun.

I took that cue from the Varése Sarabande 25th Aniversary CD set. if you haven't had the chance to check that set out, and are into film music, it is well worth the $20 price tag. A lot of good stuff on there.

MB said...

Ralph - I shall stay silent :)

I didn't catch whether you said it in the podcast - is this going to be a weekly podcast?

Ralph- said...

it will be weekly for as long as i can go. i am actually going to do my first show in about an hour. i say first show, becuase this episode is just an introductory thing.

Ralph- said...

It looks like i will do that Jame Newton Howard show on Monday, then i will post shows up every friday following.

ITunes has accepted my podcast request, so you can find Cue The Music up on the iTunes Music Store.

Matt said...

You included RAIDERS. That makes you awesome. Just sayin'.