Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Misses

Episode 8: John Williams - Even though John Williams has composed some of the most memorable themes for some of the most successful films of all time, it does not mean that he is impervious to scoring some bad motion pictures. On this episode of of CTM, Ralph discusses three great scores to films that fell short of their mark.

HERE is the only place to find Heartbeeps!

Abandoned in the Woods - A.I.
The Moon Rising - A.I.
Hide and Seek - A.I.
The Never-Feast - Hook
Remembering Childhood - Hook
The Ultimate War - Hook
Main Titles - Heartbeeps
Val's First Drive - Heartbeeps
The Junkyard - Heartbeeps
Going to Sleep - Heartbeeps
Banning Back Home - Hook

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The Misses


Chris JC said...

I do the film section of my company's corporate blog, and in the update to hopefully go up soon, I manage also to mention Heartbeeps. Good to hear some of the music - I heard a bit of the main theme on a YouTube clip of the film's opening that I tracked down for the blog and was immediately fascinated. It's actually less electronic than I'd lead myself to believe after that intro.

Ralph- said...

For those of you confused by the Heartbeeps score. Check out
X Entertainment's Review
of the film. It includes video from the film and features some of William's score as well!! It is truly a sight to be seen!

Please Check it Out!

Chris JC said...

I did check some out on YouTube to link to from the corporate film blog I write for my company which also mentioned Heartbeeps - but in terms of Stan Winston's makeup.

1) the close up of Andy's eyes during the opening titles is stunning

2) Crimebuster looks awesome.

iggystar said...

Another greate episode! I humbly offer you my application as film score enthusiast apprentice. This is becoming my favorite podcast, hands down.

I've always been interested in scores, but never fully exploring the genre, you will guide me my Yoda! Hee, hee. I will need you, however, to make good on that promise of a new episode every other Friday. You said it, now I'll bug you when I don't see it on Saturday.

So, Hook...I actually really love that movie, but I can honestly say that the score is so tied in to that adoration it isn't funny. It might actually be 50% of why it holds such a dear spot in my heart. I almost screamed when I heard the "Banning Goes Home" cue..that little jazzy sound is so money.

Heartbeeps? C'mon, I'd never heard of the movie, let alone the score and I'm completely fascinated.

Whew, finally I'm totally OK with the talking during the episode. I know it's necessary, but it's fine, it's nice to hear the context of the selection, learn about the movie a little more, you hear enough of the music to whet your appetite.

Oh, one last thing promise (I won't post long like this in the future, I'm just excited). The Jumper score by John Powell was really great.

Thanks for your efforts...Iggy. :)

Can I admit something? I love, love, love the Rocky IV score.

Ralph- said...

I have figured that the only way i can make the talking interesting is to talk about the scenes that the cues go along with. This week was absolutely NUTS, Wed. will be the next episode.

Basil Poledouris will be the next show!

I am buying Jumper on Tues.!

Chris JC said...

Who is Jumper again? Is it John Powell?

Ralph- said...

yeah. it is john powell. i love all his scores for Doug Liman. Mr. and Mrs. Smith is one of stevi's favorite scores and she is not into film music that much.

Chris JC said...

Also - duh for not reading above where that question was already answered...

Ralph- said...

i picked up I Am Legend today. Pretty solid James Newton Howard. If you like him, it should be up your alley. Pretty solid stuff indeed!