Friday, October 12, 2007

The Bourne Collective

Episode 6: John Powell - Cue the Music is back and Ralph is discussing the scores to the three Bourne Films, composed by the British film composer John Powell. Although he is still a fairly new composer, Powell's sweeping themes and inovative use of electronics have secured a place in my personal top five favorite film composers of all time.
Escape From Embassy - The Bourne Identity
Treadstone Assassins - The Bourne Identity
Bourne on Land - The Bourne Identity
Gathering Data - The Bourne Supremacy
Atonement - The Bourne Supremacy
Six Weeks Ago - The Bourne Ultimatum
Faces Without Names - The Bourne Ultimatum

click below to listen:
The Bourne Collective


Ralph- said...

to watch the Bourne Supremacy Scoring Session with John Powell!

Ralph- said...

i am probably going to do some music from three of the films that Jerry Goldsmith Collaborated with Paul Verhoven. I think. I havent decided yet, but it is getting tough to come up with themes for shows. I have a lot of John Barry, but am not sure that i want to get into Bond, and i am not that familiar with his non bond works.

I was also thinking of doing some music by Basil Poledouris. Tough choices, but i will do a show this week. I would really like to do the Comedies of Elmer Berstein, but my collection is not vast enough to pull it off. Although, i have been thinking about starting up shows that showcase one score, so i may do a Ghostbusters Score Episode.

My whole plan, was to get all of you aquainted with several composers first off, then work on discussing one score at a time. I think that i will have maybe 4 more weeks of multiple score shows, like i have been doing, then move on to the individual format.

I will keep you all posted here!

Christopher said...

Without hitting IMDB, I can only think of Hollow Man and Total Recall - what's the other one?

Oh, it's Basic Instinct isn't it? Damn - free Enterprise pops into my head and answers the question for me!

For a while, all Schwarzenegger film themes seemingly had to begin with a minor third ascending in three notes.

The Terminator does it, The Running Man does it and Total Recall does it. There may well be more.

Ralph- said...

my knowledge of music is so poor, but i think that you can throw Conan the Barbarian in there too.

Christopher said...

I'll give it a listen - even if I use awkward terminology (I don't know how else to describe the run of notes), if you listen to the three ascending notes on the lead part from The Terminator, you'll hear what I mean. The Running Man is a bit of a cheat as it does it, but fairly jauntily and quickly adds another two ascending notes, so Faltermeyer is ruining my observation somewhat.